100 Q&A about 057 | Hansalim Organic Cooperative

In 1986 when Hansalim was established, it was a humble grain store. In 1988 when it established a consumer cooperative, and there were only 70 consumer members. About 30 years later, Hansalim has become the largest consumer cooperative in Korea, with 600,000 family members, accounting for nearly 3% of Korean households. Especially after 2000, the number of people who follow and join Hansealim increased continuously. Hansalim had its member doubled every two or three years.

By 2016, Hansalim has cooperated with 2,159 household producers belonging to 112 decentralized production organizations, which had cooperation with Hansalim. Among them there are more than 80 producers of processed goods.

Hansealim has 22 organizations in different regions, and 209 members of Hansealim Lifestyle Store nationwide offering more than 2,000 categories of products. These products have passed Hansealim’s specific and strict standards. In 2015, Hansealim’s annual sales were approximately KRW347.9 billion.

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