Coopunion Network

Oct 20, 2021

1 min read

100 Q&A about CUN 030 | Digital Ownership

The digital ownership refers to the mapping of ownership of physical objects or valued assets in real world into the digital world. Ownership in digital world not only include native digital paintings, music, videos, and other objects or valued assets, but also the mapping of interests in real-world objects or assets into the digital world, such as the delivery rights of apples, ownership or use right of houses, etc.

As digital ownership is becoming more popular, the release of “Free Guy” once again triggered the concept of “Metaverse”. In metaverse where the world is virtualized and digitized, the complete virtualized digital ownership will not only become part of the reality, but will also react upon and influence the real world.

Based on the philosophy of cooperative economy, CUN aims to build a new generation of network, so as to explore applications of the principles of International Cooperative Alliance in network economy, and to facilitate real economy. The Nvwa NFT platform based on CUN supports NFTs for entities, focuses on the combination of physical objects and digital ownership to empower the real economy.

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