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Oct 12, 2021

1 min read

100 Q&A about CUN 034 | Privacy computing

Privacy computing is a combination of technique and system participated by two or more parties to collaborate on machine learning and analysis on the data under the precondition of not revealing any of their respective data.

The parties involved in privacy computing can be either departments from a same organization, different institutions, or individuals.

The main purpose of privacy computing is to make data “available but invisible” under all circumstances. In comparison to traditional methods of data security, the most innovative highlight of privacy computing is its capability to realize data dispersion and logic centralization, which can explore the value of data and facilitate its circulation while ensuring data security and privacy.

CUN is a universal network with both blockchain and privacy computing technologies. The blockchain technology solves the issues of distribution and trust, while privacy computing ensures that the privacy of individuals and commercial organizations are not disclosed on the chain. The combination of blockchain and privacy computing technology is the path to build the future Internet of Value.

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