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In the year of 1993 in Taiwan, social problems such as the environmental safety, cadmium-polluted rice, and agricultural products with pesticide residues were frequent. A group of housewives from the Homemakers Union Environment Protection Fund traveled throughout Taiwan in search of safe food. They gathered more than 100 families to start a “collective purchase” campaign, ordering products directly from farmers. In 2001, the company “Green Advocates” funded by 1799 members transformed into Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op.

The Union believes in cooperative ideology, and “unite farmers” is the core of it. Meanwhile it also helps to facilitate the development and livelihood of organic farmers. Through “collective purchase”, the Union avoided the middlemen who exploited the farmers and corner the products, and interrupted their monopoly on distribution, solving problems of agricultural production and sales.

The Union adopts a representative system. Every 500 members elect a representative to participate in annual representative meetings. The representatives will be reelected every two years, and they will elect a council every two years, who will appoint a general manager for cooperative operation.

According to the statistics on the official website of the Union, by April 2021, it has 81,372 members, including 15 legal persons, and 475 full-time / part-time staff. The members totally funded NTD426,761,320. According to the chart of the Union, 50% of the surplus will be distributed to the members, 10% be allocated to the public fund, and 10% each be allocated to the provident fund, special provident fund, and employee remuneration respectively.

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