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Nov 19, 2021

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100 Q&A about CUN 060 | Lankao Green Ground Cooperative

Huzhai village, locating at the northeast of Yifeng Township, Lankao County, once depended on traditional farming as the main industry, and faced with tough environment such as dusty and windy weather and land salinization. Before the Green Ground Cooperative was established, local farmers could only cultivate in their farmland to eke out with less than RMB1000 per unit area.

With the philosophy of “service and service again”, the cooperative gathered fellow villagers to form recreation groups, bringing them together through cultural activities to develop agricultural industries, such as greenhouse cultivation, collective procurement and sales, agricultural service to other villages. By 2019, the cooperative have formed five major business sections, including cultural services, economic services, supply & marketing, community services and credit cooperative funds.

In 2015, the Huzhai Cooperative, which had already gone through its start-up phase and generated profits, implemented the transformation of the same shares per capita and became the collective economic cooperative of Huzhai village, achieving nearly 100% voluntary membership. In addition, the cooperative also united other 18 counterparts and established Farmers’ Production Cooperative Association of Yifeng Township.

By the end of 2020, the cooperative has issued a total of 1,862 loans totaling RMB37.819 million, and the total assets of the cooperative exceeded RMB15 million. Its underyear revenue reached RMB6.687 million, with total operation costs of RMB5.683 million and profit of RMB1.004 million. The aggregated benefits and dividends to members in 2020 were RMB598,000.

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