100 Q&A about CUN 061 |LSM Rural Reconstruction Center

Established in 2004, LSM Rural Reconstruction Center is a non-profit organization registered in Beijing. The Center focus on new rural reconstruction, aims to promote the cooperation between farmers and the harmonious development between urban and rural areas by activities including theoretical and cultural researches, farmers’ cooperatives based experiments and promotions on new rural construction, action education for students volunteers, researches and promotion on new culture.

In 2005, the Center launched the Young Talent Program for sustainable rural development, which aims to build a platform for young talents to learn and practice in depth in rural areas, to engage them in rural development and revitalization,to explore a way for them to return hometown and start their business, and ultimately form a mechanism and accumulate experiences for young people to take root in the countryside. By May 2021, the Center has held 16 training sessions, with a total of 256 fellow trainees and more than 70 practice bases. At present, there are 135 fellow still working in various sectors related to rural development, including NPOs, ecological farms, services for migrant worker, etc, and some of them started their own business Therefore, LSM Rural Reconstruction Center is honored as the “The Whampoa

Military Academy for rural development(which means the LSM center services as the cradle of young talents for rural reconstruction)”.

LSM Rural Reconstruction Center is a node of CUN (Coopunion Network) at the “Origin” stage.

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