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Nov 24, 2021

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100 Q&A about CUN 062 | China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch

China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch was established on July 15, 2018. As a subordinate of a national association corporation that represent Chinese software industry, the the Branch provides comprehensive professional services related to blockchain technologies, and leads important enterprises in the industry to organize seminars to set up standards and select model enterprises, so as to form a consensus mechanism for the development of industrial and regional blockchain technologies, and to set up a standard for the original cross-industry interconnection to realize cross-chain value exchange.

The blockchain branch focuses on the construction of industry standards and third-party security testing systems, promotes the application of blockchain in various traditional industry scenarios, and establishes the world’s leading blockchain application cases, talent & technology tank to empower the real economy.

In January 2020, a drafting group was established to organize the formulation of the “Anti-Money Laundering Standards for the Application of the Blockchain Industry” to clarify normal and abnormal financial behaviors in blockchain-related fields, to prevent illegal money laundering behaviors by the lawless using platforms and technologies of blockchain to avoid the examination of law enforcement officers and other investigators.

China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch is a node of CUN (Coopunion Network) at “Origin” stage.

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