Coopunion Network Presents CBridge and Swap

We are glad to announce that after been audited two rounds, the CBridge and Swap contract for cross-chain transactions between the Ethereum and CUN, are officially online. The launch of CBridge and Swap contract mark a significant milestone of CUN ecosystem in the global business expansion.

Currently, users can bridge CETH (ETH on CUN) from ETH to CUN using CBridge, thus interconnecting Ethereum and CUN ecosystem. Ethereum developers can deploy Web 3 applications on CUN with lower cost, higher efficiency and the same seamless experience as using Ethereum.

The Swap contract allows users to transfer CETH to CUNP (CUN Mainnet Coin), which is more convenient to help users and Ethereum developers to get gas fees and interact with applications on CUN.

In the next step, CUN ecosystem will support various payment tools including CETH and CUSDT to help eco-partners expand their business in the global crypto market.

CUN team has rich experience in blockchain security and auditing practices. The contract code has gone through contract development, first and second auditing to ensure the safety of user cross-chain assets and decentralized transactions.

Before that, two academic papers by CUN node have published on IEEE and Chinese Core Journal Computer Engineering.

CUN will follow the roadmap of phased hybrid consensus: the Origin Network, the Cape of Good Hope Network and the New Generation Network. To create a better Ethereum, CUN aims to build a blockchain network and ecosystem with high-performance, high stability and low cost to improve users’ experience, reduce cost and protect users’ assets in digital world. Ultimately CUN will be a DAO-governed network.



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