CUN Monthly (4.18–5.16)

Two Academic Papers Written by CUN Nodes Published by IEEE and
Computer Engineering

On April 2, 2022, CBridge and SWAP are officially online, allowing users to
bridge assets from Ethereum to the CUN network and exchange CETH for

CUN postponed the airdrop for registered users across the network to the
second week of June.

CUN announced an airdrop plan to eco-partner Infiniteland and airdrop
distribution will be completed by May 16, 24:00 UTC+8.

NVWA and Infiniteland launched First Global Whitelist Registration Campaign, with more than 360,000 users worldwide were registered. NVWA isthe only sales partner of Infiniteland in Great China area, and the two parties will reach deeper cooperation in the future.

Infiniteland reached a strategic cooperation with Metachaos and NVWA, the
three parties have worked together to create a Chinese metaverse IP image

NVWA founded DAO community Little Stone, opening up a new era of digital
collection platform and DAO-governed community.

NVWA empowered some series of NFTs synthetic, enriching the ways of play
and functions of the digital collectibles.

NVWA introduced the NVWA Card, which allows users to top up assets in
advance to avoid payment problems arising from rush purchases during the
sale, making it easier and faster to buy digital collectibles.

Infiniteland went online on 17 April, launching its First Global Whitelist
Registration Campaign. Over 3,000 lands have been sold.

From May 3, Infiniteland gives away 100 whitelist spots every week for
whitelist users to purchase lands in the initial sale market.

Infiniteland will soon complete the CUNP airdrop for all Infinitizens by
12:00 pm on May 16. CUNPs they will receive are equivalent to 30% of the
land value they hold.

Infiniteland launched the IGCP program, a global community program that
work together with all parties to build the metaverse capital of the future.

Infiniteland v2.0 is under development, and is expected to be launched at the end of June.

Infiniteland plans to open secondary market on Thursday, stay tuned to the
the official announcements for updated news.





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