CUN Weekly (1.24–2.6)

New website is under testing, and website adapting for mobile devices is in progress.

On January 26, CUN community organized the ever first CUN Global AMA: CUN Conception and Roadmap. The guest of the AMA is 0x85, who is an important member of the Community and the partner of a top exchange. The Community operation team previously collected about 4 hundreds questions from users and summarized them into 12 which are all answered in the AMA. The transcript of the AMA is released. Click to read:

Join and Win! CUN community launched airdrop campaign for all new comers on January 29, and the event is warmly participated by users.

Happy Spring Festival! On February 1, to celebrate the new year of Tiger, CUN Community offers an red envelop of 5 CUNPs to more than 10 thousand users taking part in the activity.

New features were added up to the NVWA platform. Now users can select collectibles by price, availability and online time.

The only official website:

The only customer service account(wechat):nvwaxiaozhushou

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