CUN Weekly (10.10–10.17)

The NFT trading platform Nvwa is under pre-launch testing and the initial products are in place. The platform is estimated to launch at the end of October.

The iteration V2.0 of cooperative management system is established. The system will be one of the important basic application scenarios of CUN as the infrastructure of cooperative economy.

Nodes in “Origin” network increased to 16. As the important part of CUN ecosystem, CUN nodes participate in and ensure network operation.

CUN branding activity, the AMA series of Cooperative Economy and Blockchain was held to 14th session. On Oct 12th, Mr. YANG Yunbiao shared his experience in CUN community themed 20 Years of Rural Construction for Famers’ Dignity and Smile. The video will be uploaded to

From next session on, the AMA series of Cooperative Economy and Blockchain will be reformed to a dialogue programme, welcome to follow us.

The CUN news team published an original article Rabobank’s Resilience in Epidemic Period. Click the title to read. In the future, CUN will share more case studies in cooperative economy.

New terms of The 100 Q&A About CUN were updated to №37 by last Friday.

On the occasion of Chung Yeung Festival, CUN community launched at a commenting activity, calling for frequent contact with family members. Lucky participants were announced.

CUN community held an AMA interaction with Xichen Community (西辰快链社区).

On Oct 10th, CUN Eco-partner Rivvoo launched a online exposition LOOKS RARE, participated by 12 contract artists, bringing Mr. CAI Wanlin as the first to reveal his derivation project YY metaverse.,14N

CUN Eco-partner Devote to Homeland will launch “Devote to Homeland · Forum on Cultural Creation & Rural Revitalization and Launch of Eco-Art Park Co-creation Project” on Oct 30th. Click following link for more information.

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Coopunion Network(CUN) is an open blockchain network committed to providing infrastructure for cooperative economy.