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Nov 1, 2021

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CUN Weekly (10.25–10.31)

PointBox for IOS updated for a better stability.

The Beta version of NFT platform Nvwa will launch recently, and V1.0 iteration prototyping started at the same time.

The feature list of V2.0 of cooperative management system optimized, and prototype design at client side also completed.

At 20:00, Oct 26th, the 15th session of the AMA series Cooperative Economy and Bolckchain was on at at Green Ground (国仁乡建). CUN representative Zhuang Zhu and the guest Guanzi dialogued on the topic of How Does NFT Facilitate Rural Revitalization,had an overwhelming interaction from the audience and a peak concurrent users of 5000. The video has been uploaded to CUN Comminity (CUN中文社区) at, welcome to follow and watch it.

At 20:00, Nov 2nd, the 16th session of the AMA series Cooperative Economy and Bolckchain will be on at at Green Ground (国仁乡建). Mr. XU Daobin, Head of Qian Dao (启元社)and the Co-founder of Smallholder Blockchain will be the guest of this session. The programme will be on the topic of Match Toward Digital Socialism from Countriside, and Mr. XU and CUN representative Zhuang Zhu will dialogue in depth on the significance and effect of blockchain technologies on rural revitalization.

New terms of The 100 Q&A About CUN updated to №47 by last Friday. Click and view:

From this Thursday on, more cases about cooperative economy at home and abroad will come out in this series.

Trick or Treat! As Halloween arrives, CUN community launched an activity at, calling for likes for the push to win airdrop reward.

As the 1st and the 2nd Quiz of CUN were completed, the prizes will be offered to the lucky participants. Add the WeChat account Coopunion Network to join in CUN community and interact with us in activities.

On Oct 29th and 30th, Teams of Jantong Technology and Guoren Xinhe were invited to Zhongtou County in the city of Pingdingshan, to consult with Mayor. Li of the county and Zhongtou Cooperative on the implementation of digital countryside projects. Both parties reached an intention of cooperation, and planned to launch NFT products of real projects and assets based on Lidukou Village and Huayuan Village, facilitating digital rural construction for Zhongtou County as well as rural revitalization.

On Oct 30th, Co-founder of Guoren Xinhe was invited to participate Cangjiachong · Digital Countryside Co-construction Forum, and shared their solutions for digital countryside based on blockchain technology, and discussed in depth with the Founder of Smallholder Digital Technology, the sponsor of the activity, about their future cooperation in the field of digital countryside.

Affected by the epidemie, the “Devote to Homeland · Forum on Cultural Creation & Rural Revitalization and Launch of Eco-Art Park Co-creation Project” hosted by CUN Eco-partner Devote to Homeland changed to live webcast at at Green Ground. To know more:

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