CUN Weekly (11.29–12.05)

NVWA, developed by CUN Eco-partner Jantong Technology as the world’s first e-commerce platform that connects real economy with digital collectibles, launched at 12:00AM on Dec 5th. The initial 100 copies of “Digital Villagers of Huayuan Village” have been sold out.

The ONLY official website of NVWA:

Customer service WeChat: nvwaxiaozhushou

More projects will launch on NVWA in succession, and Genesis membership is open. Add customer service for more info.

The launch of NVWA was reported or reprinted by many authoritative media such as, CAIJING.COM.CN, Cailianpress, and WWW.CB.COM.CN.

The 100 Q&A About CUN updated 3 pushes about nodes of CUN at the “Origin” stage this week. View:

The 19th session of the AMA series Cooperative Economy and Blockchain was on live at CUN Comunity (CUN中文社区) at, at 20:00 on Dec 4th. In this session, Mr. ZHANG Xiaogang, Head of Zhongtou Cooperative Association in Pingdingshan City, dialogued with CUN representative Zhuangzhu on the philosophy and advantages of the digital villager of Huayuan Village, and answered questions from the audience.

CUN community launched the 7th Quiz of CUN. Add the WeChat account CoopunionNetwork to know more activities.

CUN community and NVWA community launched a joint airdrop. By the evening of Dec 5th, CUN has 10252 followers on twitter (CUNFans), 7785 followers on Medium, and 10532 CUN community members in telegram group. Follow the above accounts to participate in more airdrops.

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Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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