Pre-launch testing and product selection in progress for the Beta version of NFT platform Nvwa. API optimized and server-side attack resolved.

Prototype design completed for cooperative management system v2.0.

From the 17th session, the AMA live series Cooperative Economy and Blockchain started to take place on CUN Comunity (CUN中文社区) at, at 20:00 on Saturdays, once a fortnight. The first guest was Guan Zi, a senior practitioner in blockchain industry. He dialogued with CUN representative Zhuang Zhu with the theme of From the Trending of GameFi, Why Could NFT Enable Real Economy, and answered questions from the audience.

CUN community published original article The Largest Enterprise in this Country Is Actually A Co-op! Click to read:

New terms of The 100 Q&A About CUN updated to №57 by last Friday. Click to view all:

The “1 for 2” activity finished on Nov 11th, and rewards were sent to participants.

CUN community launched the 4th Quiz of CUN, which includes not only CUNP rewards, but also CUN peripherals. Add the WeChat account Coopunion Network to take part in community activities.

The 5th online salon of international observation Seeing the New Future, co-hosted by ChinaBlockchainNews and Shenzhen Information Service Blockchain Association, will be on live with the theme What Are Chain Games? They Really Make Money on at 19:30, Nov 16th. Add the WeChat account yishuiyimu789, send 链游 to participate.

ChinaBlockchainNews launched its WeChat video account 链新CBCN. The first video was published.

CUN Eco-partner Jantong Technology, Guoren Xinhe signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongtou Town People’s Government.

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