CUN Weekly (12.13–12.20)

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2 min readDec 21, 2021


Updating started for CUN website.

A new node added onto CUN “Origin” network.

CUN started preparation for upgrading from the “Origin” network to the “Cape of Good Hope” network.

CUN’s ecological application NVWA platform released a countdown function. It is expected to launch high-quality collection digital collectibles next week.

The ONLY official website of NVWA:

On Dec 16th, ChinaBlockchainNews hosted an online salon of international observation Seeing the New Future with the theme of NFT’s Route in China, to discuss the meaning and direction of combining NFTs with the physical industry.

On Dec 17th at the 4th FinTech Development Summit Forum, CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology was granted “FinTech Trailblazer 2021”.

CUN published the final article in its column Blockchain and Rural Revitalization: Blockchain + Rural Revitalization: Adding Wisdom to the Digital Economy and Improving Quality to Create a Better Life.

Periodical ending for the 100 Q&A About CUN.To get more information, join CUN telegram group:;

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At 20:00, Dec 18th, the 20th session of the AMA series Cooperative Economy and Blockchain was held at CUN Comunity at The AMA was held on the topic of From Trending of Alipay Digital Collectibles, How Do We Engage in Digital Art? CUN representative Zhuangzhu dialogued with the guest Mr. Li Shaoqing on the method to engage in the market of digital collectibles.

CUN community will launch a “Tweet to Win” activity, calling for tweets with given topics. Follow CUN on Twitter:

Welcome to take part in the activity to win airdrops.

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