CUN Weekly (12.27–1.2)

Content of CUN new website is fulfilled.

CUN White Paper V1.2 is under final revision and is expected to be issued along with the new website.

The general description of CUN is released to the Community. Users can find all core details about CUN at one click:

Airdrop for Christmas event were distributed for winners.

For New Year,CUN community started a “Tweet to win” event by inviting users to share their understanding about CUN on twitter. The winners with receive their CUNPs within one week following the closure time of the activity. Please follow CUN Twitter, Medium, Mirror and join Telegram for more.

NFT trading platform NVWA improved system security and stability.

YY Tiger series is launched on NVWA platform and is still on sale.

Metachaos art collection is coming to NVWA on January 5th, 12:00(GMT+8). to celebrating this upcoming launch, together with NVWA, Metachaos announced a first airdrop event: In the search for the relics of the Universe.

The only official website:

The only customer service account(wechat):nvwaxiaozhushou

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