CUN Weekly(2.28–3.6)

CUN is building a cross-chain bridge to Ethereum.

Some bugs found on new website are fixed last week.

A proposal on new PoA nodes addition was made, and CUN PoA nodes are currently voting on it.

CUN held a Twitter Contest through all channels, attracting more than 2000 participants. The data is still being screened and the winner list will be announced soon.

The winner list for the event Spot Bugs and Win is announced.

CUN is planning a broad community airdrop, which will be announced shortly.

Pet Meta come to strategic cooperation with Nvwa, which opens a new era of virtual pet. The presale registration is on till march 10.Users can visit the Nvwa website to find more details.

Nvwa held the second exposition in Decentraland for metachaos artworks.

Registered users of NVWA exceeded 400,000 last week.

More projects will be launched on Nvwa next week. Users can visit the Nvwa website to discover more collectibles on sale.



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