CUN Weekly(2.7–2.13)

CUN website beta is expected to be online before the end of February, and website adapting for mobile devices is in the final stage.

In addition to Metamask and Token Pocket, now CUN users can also configure CUN network on Trust wallet.

The third node meeting is taking place this Monday. CUN nodes and the operation team will discuss development, community, ecosystem building, and other issues in the meeting.

Airdrop distribution for the New Year event continues. As there were many participants, the distribution will last another week.

On February 9, CUN Community organized a discussion event What is Metaverse in your mind? 5 winners shared a reward with 50 CUNPs.

For a better communication, regional groups for Indonesia, India an South Africa are created where users can join and discuss with their preferred language.

NVWA platform for the mobile end is under acceptance work.

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, NVWA organized an exposition for Artist Ma Haijiao in Decentraland.

The only official website:

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Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum