CUN Weekly(3.7–3.13)

A few bugs of the website have been fixed.

CUN PoA nodes voted in favor of the 100,000,000 airdrop program.

CUN PoA nodes voted in favor of 2 new PoA nodes joining the Network. And the new PoA nodes are deployed.

Transactions on CUN surpassed 100,000, 80% was contributed by quality NFTs.

Major medias including Yahoo Finance, APNews and Digital Journal reported on the announcement of Web3 public chain Coopunion Network’s next step of conducting Network Governance.

CUN community officially announced the 100,000,000 CUNPs airdrop program.

Paired to the 100,000,000 CUNPs airdrop program, Community launched an event inviting users to spread the news.

CUN is hiring global Angels for Vietnam and Turkey.

NVWA announced its 500 Genesis membership list on the website. Genesis members are invited to join the private group.

On the occasion of International Women’s day, artworks of Zhang Baobao, who is a self-taught artist and single mother were minted into NFTs and sold on NVWA. Her artworks were sold out at once and this sale was also commission-free.

NVWA was classed by CBCNews as the darkhorse of the week among all the nft projects.

The number of Users of NVWA is reaching 500,000,000.



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