CUN Weekly 6.20–6.26

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2 min readJun 27, 2022


CUN Weekly 6.20–6.26


From Monday to Friday, CUN held daily quiz in both telegram and discord communities, increasing daily interaction among users. This activity now is exercised as routine work.


At 17:00 June 21 Tuesday UTC+8, NVWA opened merging function for the 4th session of Metachaos NFT series Astro. It is available to merge NFT collectibles from 17:00 June 21 to 12:00 June 26.

At 12:00 June 22 Wednesday UTC+8, NVWA launched merging function for Jiang-Hu NFT series, which is the genesis collection jointly launched by Infiniteland, Metachaos and NVWA platform. In the future, the series will be the avatar in Infiniteland.

At 16:00 June 22 Wednesday UTC+8, NVWA has snapshotted holders of NFT series Dunhuang in Russian Painters and launched a lucky draw. Those who were picked will have chance to win a lucky tourism package worth of RMB8888, or other fabulous prizes like Land NFTs in 3rd ring road in Infiniteland.

On June 21, NVWA opened in its secondary market a search function for transaction record. The platform updates every two minutes to help users with latest information.

At 14:00 June 22 Wednesday UTC+8, intangible Cultural Heritage of China, Nuo Xi, launched its NFT series at NVWA platform. The series including 5000 copies, is generated by AI algorithm.

At 16:00 June 22 Wednesday UTC+8, NVWA launched an airdrop activity for new users. Those who completed verification before 24:00 June 26 UTC+8 will be airdropped a gift.

At 14:00 June 24 Friday UTC+8, the first virtual idol group countrywide Enola-Starlight Band published its NFT collectibles on NVWA platform, issuing 500 copies of NFTs.


At 10:00 June 21 Tuesday UTC+8, Infiniteland launched weekly whitelist registration, providing only 20 whitelist spots for to purchase lands in the initial market.

At 10:00 June 22 Wednesday UTC+8, Infiniteland started weekly private sale for whitelist users. In this event Satoshi region, the crypto center of Infiniteland is open for sale.

Infiniteland launched an airdrop worth of 20,000 USDT, calling on users across the network to join and share amazing gifts.









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