CUN Weekly (8.22–8.28)


  1. PointBox for Android is expected to open for user testing next Monday. Version for IOS and other system are in final testing and will be released in the near future.


  1. English page of CUN website is now linked to English forum, which will be updated continuously.
  2. Customized CUN gadgets and accessories are now available, CUN Users will have the opportunity to get them by various ways, please follow and participate activities of the community.
  3. The brand team designed the first version of the Mid-Autumn Festival material.


  1. The NFT trading platform developed by Jantong Technology, a CUN Eco-partner, has been officially named as Nvwa(女娲),which is meant to express the mission and purpose of originality, self-iteration and concern for the majority. At present, the requirements have been confirmed, both front-end and back-end prototypes have been completed.
  2. CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology finished the front-end development and home page content of the official website. The back-end server construction is also completed.
  3. The founder of CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology will give a keynote speech at the 6th “Xin Hui Ju (gathering of stars and wisdom)” hosted by Sichuan Association of Fintech next Thursday, September 2nd. For more information about the conference, please see the link below.

Community Activities

  1. On 24th August, CUN Chinese Community invited Mr Yang Xuan,a Cargill Global Scholar, Serial Entrepreneur and investor in Agriculture, to share his experience and thoughts on the topic “Challenges and opportunities for commercialization of Agricultural products”. The live which took place on bilibili received a warm response and had nearly 4000 people watched. The video is been uploaded to CUN account “CUN中文社区”。 Follow this account on Bilibili to review.
  2. On Tuesday August 31 at 8 pm (UTC+8), CUN Community representative will talk to Mr Li Haigang, a senior brand planner who served Chang’an BenBen and multiple agriculture products. He will bring you tips on the many obstacles in agriculture business and advice on how to avoid them. Like before, the Community planned Q&A interactive activities for the live, welcome to participate.

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Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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