CUN Weekly 8.8–8.14

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2 min readAug 14, 2021



  1. With the Origin Mainnet launching and nodes increasing, technique team fixed a bug while deploying a script, security of users assets stay unaffected.
  2. First version of CUN PointBox is completed and is now under internal testing.
  3. CUN team discussed the topic about CUN code open-sourcing, and the code is expected to be fully open-sourced next week.


  1. Based on the upgraded brand image, CUN team started to optimize the overall presentation of CUN website. At present, the optimization is 90% completed.
  2. Branding team started to customize a series of CUN gadgets and accessories on the basis of CUN branding elements.
  3. Chinese Valentine’s Day poster is released on various channels, please follow CUN accounts and join CUN community to get (please find the accounts address and the end of this post).


  1. The NFT trading platform leading by a CUN eco-partner is under development.
  2. With the new branding launching, CUN eco-partner Kuull Technology simultaneously started the official website upgrading, and now has completed the UI design of the website.
  3. CUN community is preparing the first nodes meeting which is expected to take place next week.

Community Activities

  1. On August 10th , CUN Chinese community co-hosted the 7th AMA series on Cooperative Economy and Blockchain with GreenGround. The guest of this sharing is Mr Yao Huifeng, he was once working on a 996 schedule in big cities and now is known as a National Youth Farmer Leader. He shared his ten years as farmer entrepreneur and discussed with CUN representative Chen Shihua on how his cooperative can prosper on CUN network.
  2. Over 3400 followers watched this live which was ranked 7th in humanities and social science category on Bilibili. The video is been uploaded to CUN account “CUN中文社区”。 Follow this account on Bilibili to review.
  3. On Tuesday August 17 at 8pm(UTC+8), the community will organize the 9th AMA during which Chen shihua will dialogue with Li Mingpan who has been exploring for 12 years in the field of nature farming. The guest will share his personal experience on how he transformed from a young talent to a model new farmer in China. The talk will continue to take place at Bilibili. Add CUN helper weileileilei0906 to join the group and watch the live on time. And you won’t miss the lucky draw .
  4. Chinese Community organized the topic discussion #RomanticRuralConstructioner# for Chinese Valentine’s day. Follow CUN weibo “CUN小助手” to get more information and win CUNP reward.

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