CUN Weekly(9.06–9.12)

CUN has released its exclusive PointBox for both Android and IOS, please visit CUN official website and scan the QR code to install it.

For the tutorial for download and installation of PointBox, search “CUN 积分盒子” (CUN PointBox) at YouKu app, or visit the following link:

A new node has been deployed in CUN.

By this week, the 100 Q&A About CUN series has updated №13 to №17 through all channels in Chinese and English. Please follow the wechat public account “合作经济网络CUN (Coopunion Network)” for the updates in Chinese, and “Coopunion Network” at Medium and Twitter for the updates in English.

The design team has finished the poster design for Bailu period (namely White Drew, the 15th of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms) and Teachers’ Day, which have been published through all channels.

The NFT trading platform Nvwa (女娲) developed by Jantong Technology, a CUN Eco-partner, has have its front-end development completed at 60%, and its back-end frame completed at 80%. At the same time, Jantong team has designed the visual presentation of the initial version.

On Sep 5th, the co-founder and the CEO of CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology has given a speech themed Applications of Blockchain Technology in the Curriculum of Rural Revitalization at a reading club, which was hosted by the Library of Beipei District. Students and staff from colleges and Science and Education Affairs Committee in Chongqing have participated in the activity.

On Sep 7th, CUN Eco-partner Green Ground organized the first seminar about issuing of “Guoren Points”.

On Sep 9th, the Head of Poduct & Research of CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology has participated the 13th Shuronghui (Gathering Elites in Sichuan) Forum, hosted by Sichuan Association of Fintech, with the theme of “FinTech: Transformation of Banks Under the New Trend”.

On Sep 10th, CUN Eco-partner Rivvoo has invited NFT practitioners and artists to its live room at for a live themed “Generative Art”.

On Sep 9th, CUN community has launched an activity for the Teachers’ Day in Weibo “CUN中文社区 (CUN Community)”, and the lucky list has been announced. Welcome to follow us and take part in future activities.

On Sep 8th, Meme enthusiasts generated pet points on CUN, and launched a DOGEV2 airdrop activity in CUN community, inviting participants to share 10 billions of DOGEV2 points. The activity has finished signing up on Sep 10th. Following the progress of CUN, there will be more activities launched in CUN community. Welcome to add our wechat “CoopunionNetwork” for more activities.

On Sep 10th, CUN community has organized the first cross-community AMA with other communities. In future, there will be more such activities.

The 12th session of Cooperative Economy and Blockchain will start at 20:00 on Sep 14th. CUN community will dialogue with Mr. WANG Wei, the fellow of the 3rd-term in LSM Rural Construction Center, also the founder of Hangzhou Guofeng Liren Clothing, with the latter as one of the nodes in CUN. Welcome to follow Green Ground in, watch the live and take part in the interaction.

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Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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