CUN Weekly (9.13–9.20)

Following the launch of CUN exclusive PointBox on Aug 31th, we have been strongly supported by CUN users and have received a large number of test feedbacks based on which CUN Product&Research team has made upgrades on the performance. At present, the prototype design for 2.0 version has been completed.

In this week, three new nodes have been deployed on CUN “Origin” network.

By this week, the 100 Q&A About CUN series has updated №18 to №22. In addition, CUN team has filed all the published contents by sections to facilitate the reading and understanding of CUN.

The poster for the Mid-Autumn Festival has been published. In future, CUN will update posters in all channels like WeChat public account,, Medium in addition to CUN communities for users’ convenience to view.

The NFT trading platform Nvwa(女娲) developed by CUN Eco-partner Jantong Technology has have its front page completed on PC side and screen match for mobile side. The framework of back-end trading platform has been completed, with four modules completed development. Meanwhile, the visual presentation of the initial version is still under design.

The CUN nodes at the stage of “Origin” network discussed in two rounds for the online scheme of “Guoren Point”, to be issued by CUN Eco-partner Green Ground.

Following the increase of nodes, the 2nd node conference of CUN “Origin” network is under preparation, and will be held before the National Day.

On Sep 17th, the Head of Product & Research of CUN Eco-partner Kuull Technology has participated in a live themed As a Crypto Punk, How to Engage in Crypto Art Collections, organized by Rivvoo.

At 20:00, Sep 14th, Mr. WANG Wei, fellow of the 3rd-term in LSM Rural Construction Center, also founder of Hangzhou Guofeng Liren Clothing, has shown up as a guest in the live room of Green Ground at, and has shared his experience themed From A Rural Constructor to An Internet Celebrity. Check out the replay at

On Sep 15th and 16th, CUN volunteer organized two cross-community AMAs with Zebra Community and Stars Club respectively to introduce to users the cooperative economy and blockchain. The cross-community AMAs received an enthusiastic reaction, and forwarders who took part in the activity have received CUNP reward.

On Sep 20th, the Teeth-Care Day, CUN community shared tips for dental cares and launched a lucky draw activity, which has been announced at Weibo. Welcome to follow the account and take part in future activities.

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