CUN Weekly (9.26–10.9)

As the number of nodes and users increases, the technical team strengthens the daily maintenance and testing of the network.

Technical preparation for PointBox launching on Testflight.

New terms of The 100 Q&A About CUN were updated on all channels in Chinese and English, and published contents filed by sections are also updated. Terms about CUN Ecosystem started to update as well.

On Sep 29th, Why the Boom of Blockchain Is A Revival of Cooperative Economy was first published on CUN WeChat public Account, and was then forwarded by official accounts including Rural Studies, Green Ground, LSM Rural Construction Center.

The website of the NFT platform Nvwa, which is being developed by CUN Eco-partner Jiantong, is under filing procedure. The application process of WeChat public is completed, and the platform is in the final preparation for its launch.

CUN Eco-partner Rivvoo participated in the exposition Hyper_Connection in Beijing International Week 2021.

On Oct 3rd, Mr. QI Xinghua, a Rivvoo debut artist, guested in TV program Day Day Up (天天向上), and showed hosts how to do splash-ink paintings at the scene.

CUN Eco-partner Devote to Homeland launched the plan “Devote to Homeland · Ecological Art Park Co-creation”, inviting like-minded fellows nationwide to jointly create a cultural and creative park facing the whole country.

On Sep 29th, CUN Eco-partner ChinaBlockchainNews successfully hosted the 3rd online salon Seeing the Future. Guests participating in the activity shared their views about Metaverse.

On Sep 30th, the second node meeting was held online. CUN nodes discussed the main issues and the meeting minutes will be released soon.

At 20:00, Sep 28th, the 13th AMA of Cooperative Economy and Blockchain was held at as scheduled. Mr. WANG Jiwei, a pioneer of new rural construction, and the head of a leading cooperative in China, shared his more than tens years’ experience of rural construction. He also discussed with the host Mr. CHEN Shihua on how will his cooperative draw support of blockchain technology under the curriculum of rural revitalization, to further play the role of cooperatives on the way to common prosperity.

At 20:00, Oct 12th, the 14th AMA of Cooperative Economy and Blockchain will be on at It will be about the cooperatives short of capital and support who want to motivate their villagers to actively develop themselves and change their lives, and how will blockchain technology carry forward this progress in the future.

CUN community jointly held an AMA with Root community.

CUN community launched an interaction activity for the National Day, inviting followers to leave their best wishes to the motherland in the comment area. The lucky list has been announced. Welcome to follow CUN Weibo account “CUN Community (CUN 中文社区)” and participate in the succeeding activities.

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Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network, a high-performance Layer 1 Network that continually evolves from Ethereum

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