CUN Weekly (921–926)

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2 min readSep 27, 2021

Daily operation and network maintenance, debugging according to users’ feedbacks.

Preparation on pre-launch adaptation for applications being developed on CUN.

Updates from №23 to №25 of 100 Q&A about CUN through all Chinese and English channels. All published contents filed by sections and updated in the following link.

The poster for Qiufen, namely autumnal equinox, has been published through all channels.

After a period of operation, the registration on CUN “Origin” mainnet has exceeded ONE THOUSAND. To celebrate this milestone, CUN team will create NFT memorial to reward CUN Core and nodes.

The NFT trading platform Nvwa (女娲) developed by CUN Eco-partner Jantong Technology has have its development completed both on PC side and mobile side. Presently the back-stage functions are under final improvement.

Following the increase of nodes, the 2nd node conference of CUN “Origin” network is under preparation, and will be held before the National Day.

At 20:00, Sep 28th, CUN community will dialog with Mr. WANG Jiwei, head of an agricultural and animal husbandry professional cooperative GreenGround in Lankao county. He will share why he returned to his hometown to set up a cooperative when he already had a successful career, and the challenges and fruits he has met and gained. The two sides will also discuss how cooperatives can utilize blockchain technology in the context of rural revitalization to make their due contribution to common prosperity.

CUN volunteers organized cross-community AMAs with other two communities, and participants who were in the lucky list have received CUNP reward.

CUN community has jointly planned a new activity with DOGV2, which will launch soon.

The activity to repost and comment of CUN’s Weibo push on Mid-Autumn Festival has completed. Lucky participants will receive gifts soon

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