Two Academic Papers Written by CUN Nodes Published by IEEE and Computer Engineering

One is A Low-cost and Verifiable Sealed Bid Auction Protocol Based on Smart Contracts, published on IEEE.

The paper proposed to build a low-cost protocol without a third-party platform by adopting IPFS and blockchain smart contract technology, thus constraining the behavior of third parties and reducing the cost. In addition, the schedule ensures the security, privacy, reliability of the protocol and the fairness of transactions. In the end, the experimental analysis proved that the proposed auction protocol can meet the security requirements and is feasible in ensuring the privacy of bids while completing the public verification of transactions.

Chinese core journal Computer Engineering published the other paper An Electronic Auction Scheme Based on Smart Contracts and IPFS.

The paper developed a schedule for sealed bid auction that removes third parties based on Ethereum smart contracts, ensuring integrity of data and improving openness and transparency of the execution process, while greatly reducing the storage cost for users. Experimental results showed that storing text and images indirectly through a distributed storage system can ensure the integrity of data and greatly reduce at least 50% costs compared to traditional storage approaches.

CUN team spokesperson E said that the CUN team is studying the possibility of applying academic results to the CUN ecosystem, and also welcomes nodes and communities to continue to conduct in-depth academic research in blockchain area such as Web 3 applications and improving PoS consensus.

CUN is a distributed network infrastructure that continues to evolve from Ethereum. It aims to build a blockchain network and ecosystem with high performance, high stability and low cost, to improve users experience, reduce use cost, and protect users’ assets in digital world. Ultimately, CUN will be a DAO-governed network.

CUN’s early nodes and community members are composed of crypto technology developers, practitioners, academics, leaders, industry organizations, and non-profit organizations, among whom are CTOs of famous blockchain technology companies, partners of well-known digital currency exchanges, heads of blockchain technology labs of top universities, political economists with global influence, and former CEOs of fintech companies.



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