Puhan New Youth Community was founded in 2015 by a group of young people who reflect on today’s consumerist and developmentalism, and are committed to rural reconstruction in China. Puan New Youth Community explores the way of sustainable development for itself, for the countryside and the society at large with the training of young talents, the promotion of ecological planting & breeding technology, and the exploration of participatory guarantee systems (PGS) as the carrier.

Puhan New Youth Community is a typical case in which rural youths root in the countryside to explore a sustainable living system and trying to build the relationship between the county’s ecological economy and society.

Puhan New Youth Community is a node of CUN (Coopunion Network) at “Origin” stage.

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Telegram: https://t.me.cuncommunitycn


Established in 2004, LSM Rural Reconstruction Center is a non-profit organization registered in Beijing. The Center focus on new rural reconstruction, aims to promote the cooperation between farmers and the harmonious development between urban and rural areas by activities including theoretical and cultural researches, farmers’ cooperatives based experiments and promotions…

In 1986 when Hansalim was established, it was a humble grain store. In 1988 when it established a consumer cooperative, and there were only 70 consumer members. About 30 years later, Hansalim has become the largest consumer cooperative in Korea, with 600,000 family members, accounting for nearly 3% of Korean…

JA, short for Japan Agricultural Cooperation, is one of the most successful agricultural cooperatives in Asia. The history of JA can be traced back to the “Ancestor Share Association” of the Edo Period around 1850s and the “Fellowship Association” of the Meiji Restoration in the late 19th century. These associations…

Coopunion Network

Coopunion Network(CUN) is an open blockchain network committed to providing infrastructure for cooperative economy.

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